Horse Polo Summer Camp

Riders performing in a show on horses

Beginner’s Polo for Campers

Our new beginner’s polo program is designed to introduce kids and campers of all ages to the exciting game of polo! Kids will be introduced to how to care for the polo horse and equipment, how to tack and wrap a polo horse, horsemanship, mallet work, and the rules and strategies of the game.

How Horse Polo is Played

Horse polo is played on a large field, with two goalposts centered at each end. There are two teams facing off, consisting of four players each. Players start in the middle of the field, facing off, and gameplay begins when the umpire throws in the ball. Teams then work together to get the ball into the opposing team’s goalpost, using their mallets and riding skills to pass the ball along down the field.

History of Horse Polo

Polo is the oldest of equestrian sports, and involves teams of riders using long, wooden mallets to drive a ball down the field. The game of Polo originated in Persia in 6th century BC, spreading first to Asia and eventually to Europe, Africa, & the Americas. Horse polo continues to be a popular sport worldwide, and we are proud to offer our horse polo summer camp program to bring this sport to Minnesota.

Horse Polo Summer Camp in Minnesota

Our kid’s summer camp in Minnesota offers horse polo introductory courses designed to teach the basics of the timeless sport to a new generation of kids. Our horseback riding summer camp program has made Circle R Ranch Minnesota’s most popular horse camp. To sign up for our Minnesota summer camp or for more information on our overnight summer camp program, call us at (320) 533-0322 or register online.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors & close family atmosphere makes campers feel safe, secure and reassured.