Overnight Summer Camp

All-Day Fun at Circle R Ranch

Kids and Campers love Circle R Ranch because we make sure our summer camp for kids includes fun all day long, not just when the sun’s up! Every night we hold special events designed to bring all the kids together, building new friendships and social skills, and having a fun, carefree time while doing it. With a day focused on learning horsemanship, trail riding, aquatic sports and other high-energy activities, kids gets a chance to have fun and be creative during our evening activities at the ranch.

Improv Night at Summer Camp

Kids and camp counselors both love enjoying a few laughs during our hilarious and exciting improv comedy night! Campers and counselors get together to perform improv comedy, which teaches children many valuable skills. Because there is no right or wrong in improv, campers learn to build confidence in social situations and feel comfortable letting their voice be heard in groups. Because you have to read the body language, expressions, and try and sense the intent of the partner(s) you’re working with, improv comedy helps build teamwork skills as well. And every camper has a great time doing it!

Karaoke Night at Summer Camp

Kids get together to embrace their inner superstar and perform hit songs to wow the crowd! Karaoke is a fun pastime enjoyed by kids and adults alike, and campers and counselors love letting loose on stage to show off their skills. Karaoke is proven to enhance a child’s cognitive skills (like listening, memory & concentration) while also encouraging language development. Singing and karaoke also also encourage healthy emotional expression, while reducing stress and improving artistic development. And with all the hit songs available, its a whole lot of fun for everyone to sing along!

Dance Night at Summer Camp

Our Dance Night for kids at summer camp is a favorite by everyone! Kids get to enjoy a fun dance night accompanied by great music and a fun atmosphere with all their new friends. With live bands and all the best music for kids to enjoy, dancing is a great opportunity to teach children to be social and free, and helps reduce anxiety, a big problem with the modern generation of kids. We find that our dance nights help campers develop that greater sense of community and deepen friendships, as they learn to let go of any inhibitions and create lasting memories.

Other Evening Summer Camp Activities for Kids

To make sure our kids are having the best possible MN summer camp experience, we have a variety of other evening activities too! In addition to the popular Dance Night, we also host Gaming Nights, Talent Shows, Camp Out Nights, and a host of other activities. We always try to balance our horsemanship training and trail riding activities with a little lighthearted fun in the evening, but we always include activities which enhance a child’s emotional, mental, and social skills at the same time.

Minnesota Overnight Summer Camp Information

Our horseback riding summer camp program has made Circle R Ranch one of Minnesota’s most popular kid’s summer camps for years. To sign up for our Minnesota summer camp or for more information on our overnight summer camp program, call us at (320) 533-0322 or register online.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors & close family atmosphere makes campers feel safe, secure and reassured.