woman galloping on a horse in prairie

Horseback Riding Summer Camp

Minnesota Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is an exhilarating sport with a rich history and cultural heritage. At Circle R Ranch our horses are ready for campers to learn the basics of horse care & maintenance, riding, and we even offer Beginner’s horse polo classes as part of our Minnesota summer camp program.

Our horseback riding summer camp is one of Minnesota’s favorite places to go horseback riding. Horseback riding lessons encourage the campers to become acquainted with the fundamentals of horseback riding, which promotes responsibility, encouragement, and teamwork. Our campers also go on trail rides on our numerous trails around the ranch, which helps them learn how to communicate with and control their horse.

various breeds and sizes or horses in a large pasture
Our barn is home to more than 200 horses of various sizes, breeds, and colors. We select our horses for their versatility, stock, and we carefully check their temperament to ensure they are a good fit for campers. Through our comprehensive introduction to horsemanship, our campers learn the proper way to work with their new equine friends. Horses will be assigned at the beginning of the week according the rider’s skill level and experience.

Horseback Riding Safety

It’s important to always put safety first when horseback riding. Our instructors teach campers safe riding skills to prevent any injury to themselves or their horse. Campers learn how to properly mount, dismount, stop, turn, cue, and position their body while riding. We also equip each child with proper safety and riding gear, including a helmet.

What to Bring

You don’t need to bring anything extra for horseback riding. Just dress appropriately, as outlined below:

  • Jeans, breeches, or similar pant. Leggings & lightweight fabrics are not recommended.
  • A fitted shirt (long-sleeve preferable if weather permits)
  • Riding Boots (low heel, low tread, sturdy) or Sneakers/Tennis Shoes
  • Sweater, Jacket, Vest, Raincoat, etc. as weather permits.

Horseback Riding Clothing

Most campers already own clothing appropriate for horseback riding and enjoying the other ranch activities. We recommend jeans, a fitted shirt, sturdy heeled boots (sneakers at a minimum), and additional layers in case the weather changes, like a sweater/jacket or vest to protect from unexpected cold or rain. Proper attire will protect riders from chafing or discomfort from saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, harnesses, & other tack. Avoid any overly baggy, loose-fitting clothing or anything with thin or extra straps or ornaments that may interfere with riding equipment or nature.

Minnesota Horse Camp Information

Our horseback riding summer camp program and our pristine trails have made Circle R Ranch one of Minnesota’s most popular kid’s summer camps for years. To sign up for our Minnesota summer camp or for more information on our overnight summer camp program, call us at (320) 533-0322 or register online.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors & close family atmosphere makes campers feel safe, secure and reassured.