Horse Trail Riding on our Minnesota Ranch

Horseback Trail Riding

Horseback trail riding is one of the best ways for campers to enjoy their new riding skills. Our scenic trails stretch across acres of land and offer a variety of nature to enjoy along the way. Trail riding is one of the most popular summer camp activities for kids at Circle R Ranch, and every camper will get to enjoy plenty of time galloping along our trails. Campers will first learn the basics of horsemanship & horseback riding.

Trail Riding Etiquette

Group of people on horseback
While trail riding at our summer camp, it’s important to adhere to certain etiquette and be respectful to both your horse and nature. While most trail riding etiquette can be considered common sense or common courtesy, its important to also take the land or country you’re riding on, other riders, and riders in your party. Firstly, it’s important to minimize your impact on the land – in general, you want to do what you can to leave the land as you found it. Keep on your trail as best you can, and ride single-file on narrower paths. Don’t leave any garbage or litter behind. When going through horsemanship training, each campers will learn to respect and control their horses to allow for a successful trail ride.

Trail Riding Safety

When riding with your group, try to travel at the same gait as others, and try not to let your horse ‘tailgate’ others. You must always consider the possible reactions to the other horses around you. If your horse seems less patient or you try and gallop to catch up, the others horses in your group might become panicked or frightened which can be dangerous and lead to injury. This is important to keep in mind during all trail rides, but especially during our long journey on Camp Out Night, when we trek through the wilderness to enjoy a night under the stars with our horses close by.

Riding at Circle R Ranch

Our ranch is located on over 800 acres of pristine Minnesota nature, encompassing the beauty and features that Minnesota is famous for. Our miles of trails ensure each campers gets to see the a variety of scenery on each of their rides, with rolling hillsides, enchanting woodland, amber prairies, & farmland crops including corn, oats, & hay, our ranch boasts some of the best trails in the state. Horseback Riding along our trails is a favorite for campers because there is so much excitement along the way!

More Information on Trail Riding at Summer Camp

Our horseback riding summer camp program has made Circle R Ranch one of Minnesota’s most popular kid’s summer camps for years. To sign up for our Minnesota summer camp or for more information on our overnight summer camp program, call us at (320) 533-0322 or register online.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors & close family atmosphere makes campers feel safe, secure and reassured.