children looking at saddles hanging on fence

Horsemanship Class at Camp

One of our goals at horse camp is to teach campers the safe way to ride and handle horses. It is important that every rider understands basic riding positions and handles their horse with knowledge and skill. Our horsemanship class is designed to improve our campers comfort and ability during riding and when handling their horse. Our Minnesota summer camp gives lessons to riders in basic horsemanship and how properly approach, mount, dismount, and ride their horses.

How to Groom & Saddle a Horse

An important part of horsemanship is learning to care for and saddle your horse properly. We teach all our campers how to groom their horses using combs and brushes to keep the horse looking and performing well. Grooming also keeps your horse healthy, and is a great opportunity for bonding and developing a relationship with the horse. We also teach youngsters how to properly saddle their horses in preparation for horseback riding lessons.

Choosing a Horse

Riders will eventually learn their preference for horse size, demeanor, speed, and temperament. Through both riding and watching how the horses move and react to things, campers can find a horse suitable to their riding style. We tell campers it’s important to observe how the horses ride with others, as well pay attention to their personal riding style. By watching the ease of their stride, and whether their canter includes choppy, high knees or constrained movement, or if the trot is more regular and the horse seems to be at ease, campers learn the differences & variations among riding styles. Our summer camp’s focus is on teaching horseback riding and horsemanship to campers so they can learn the importance of the relationship between horse and rider.

During our summer camp program, we assign horses at the beginning of each coming week according to the child’s riding capability. We assess each child’s skill level and experience to determine which horse is most suitable to their current capabilities and comfort level riding.

Other Ways to Develop Good Horsemanship

At Circle R Ranch we offer many experiences and opportunities to develop good horsemanship skills and create a relationship with your horse. During our Camp Out Night, campers are taken through the wilderness of our ranch on a long trail ride. After a campfire, stories and snacks, youngsters spend a night under the stars camping out with their horses nearby. We also have beginner’s polo lessons, which helps riders learn to better understand, predict, and control their horses.

More Information on Horsemanship Lessons

Our horseback riding summer camp program has made Circle R Ranch one of Minnesota’s most popular kid’s summer camps for years. To sign up for our Minnesota summer camp or for more information on our overnight summer camp program, call us at (320) 533-0322 or register online.

Our limited enrollment, caring counselors & close family atmosphere makes campers feel safe, secure and reassured.