Gaits of a Horse (4 Types)


(1) Lateral Gait ( Walk )

Defined: The walk or Lateral Gait is natural, and it is the slowest of the gaits.The walk is a four-beat gait where each beat is distinct and can be easily heard.
Rider: A nice slow pace for the rider.
Note: The walk is around 1 -2 mph


(2) Trot

Defined: The right hind and left front move together, while the left hind and right front move together establishing a two-beat diagonal gait.
Rider: Bouncy ride for the horse rider.
Note: The trot is around 5-6 mph


(3) Canter or Lope

Defined: The canter is a 3-beat gait and is sometimes referred to as lope. The lope usually refers to the slow, western-pleasure style of cantering.
Rider: Rhythmic ride for the horse rider.
Note: The Lope is around 10-15 mph and is the most steady paced gait for a horse.


(4) Gallop or Run

Defined: When the horse is fully extending itself in a run, there is a moment when all four feet are off the ground. This is the gallop or run.
Rider: Fast ride for the horse rider.
Note: The Gallop is around 20-25 mph, with occasional burst of 30 mph


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